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Putting Oil & Gas Waste Management & H₂O surplus on the Blockchain

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A percentage (TBA) of any Tokens left over after the ICO will be airdropped to all investors and introducers pro rata. This is due to the rising price of Ethereum throughout the ICO making our tokens effectively more expensive.

The balance of the tokens offered during the ICO will be burned after the offering and the burn address will be posted here on our official website.


Oil and Gas Supply Chain (OILSC), with a maximum of only 180 million coins ever in circulation, will be an integral part of the US$ 5.08 billion global drilling waste management market by moving the contracts and supply chains of the world’s largest oil and gas waste disposal companies, organizations and government agencies, onto the blockchain.

As they will reduce the cost and increase the efficiency and transparency of transactions between oil companies and drill waste management service providers via bespoke smart contracts, OILSC coins will become the preferred industry standard medium of exchange, thereby driving the value of OILSC coins upward.

Increased awareness and legal enforcement of the oil and gas industry’s environmental responsibility is creating a commensurate need for effective and efficient technologies that help the industry better clean the waste products their activities invariably generate.

With co-operation from many of the world’s largest companies, governments and organizations that specialize in oil and gas waste disposal, we are moving their supply chains and contracts onto the blockchain. Using bespoke smart contract GUI’s that conform to the current layouts on our platform, OILSC will make this process more time and cost effective and move it closer to worldwide compliance and a cleaner world.

Several major energy firms are already partnering on a new blockchain-based trading platform. BP, Shell and Statoil are backing the platform which represents the latest application of the tech to the energy space. The consortium of firms built around the platform also includes ING, ABN Amro and Societe Generale, as well as trading firms, Gunvor, Koch Supply & Trading, and Mercuria.
(SOURCE Commodity Trading Consortium)

The Oil & Gas Supply Chain platform is currently in it's early stage development. Please click here to view progress.

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Smart contracts for the H₂O sector

The average onshore oil well produces ten times the volume of water as oil, all day, and every day. In fact, the cost of dealing with this ‘produced water’ is the primary cost of operating an oil or gas well. Moving, treating and disposing of the water is half to two-thirds of the total cost of producing each barrel of oil...

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White Paper

Purpose built protocol for supply chains in the Oil and Gas sectors based on blockchain technology. Read the technical details here:

ICO Structure

Full ICO

10th January 2018 - running for 6 weeks

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Oil and Gas Supply Chain will only produce 180 million OILSC tokens, and no further tokens will be produced.

130 million will be offered in the ICO token sales. 50 million OILSC tokens will be held by Oil and Gas Supply Chain for future expansion and development rewards, marketing, incentives and back office.

The ICO, beginning 10th January 2018 (GMT), will last for 6 weeks. The ICO sale price is 3,850 tokens for 1 ETH, the minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH (385 tokens). All contributions of 3 ETH will receive a 25% extra allocation and all contributions of 5ETH or more will receive a further 40% allocation.

All tokens will be issued to your Etherium address within 72 hours of your contribution being received.

To load your tokens in to your private Ethereum wallet please use the following information:

Token contract address: 0x907f3d093b6a3d599ac940c8f3ce21b4858f3618
Token name: OILSC
Decimals: 18

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Buying OILSC Tokens

Buying OILSC tokens is a simple process. All you need is available Ethereum Tokens (ETH) to fund your purchase. These can be purchased by opening an Ethereum Wallet and funding it with traditional currency sources such as your bank account. To complete the purchase process please follow the instructions provided in the table below.

If you need assistance on how to open an Ethereum Wallet please refer to the guidance panel below.

How to get an Ethereum Wallet

We recommend MyEtherWallet (MEW) although Mist, Parity, imToken or any other ERC-20 wallet will be suitable. Follow the link below for full instructions.

OILSC Allocation

Token Allocation

45% Development
12% Business Growth
12% Marketing & Customer Dev.
10% Team
9% Dev. Maintainence
5% Pre-ICO Investors
4% Legal Partners
3% Technical Advisors

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Meet our Team

Our team experience is extensive across the development sectors.


Oil and Gas Supply Chain roadmap which illustrates our past, present and future progress:

ICO subscribers can receive up to an additional 40% token allocation

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Organisational Network

A few of the companies that share our vision:

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Development Partners

Some of the companies helping us to deliver our vision:

Industry Impact

The global Oil and Gas drilling waste management market place

Rapid technological developments are improving the drilling, production capability, exploration and production activities in the deep-water and ultra-deep-water areas across the globe. These factors are also boosting the drilling waste management market.

The global drilling waste management market is estimated to have been US$ 3.80 Billion in 2016 and is projected to reach US$ 5.08 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 6.0% due to stricter waste management regulations and the high cost of treatment.

The current increase in energy demand is creating a rise in oil and gas exploration and drilling activities from such regions as North America and the Middle East. This increase is causing a surge in drilling mud and cuttings waste and it is therefore very important to have suitable waste management applications for drilling purposes and safeguarding the environment. This increase in production and exploration activities provides opportunities in drilling waste management.

Drilling waste management contains three types of processes: solids control, containment and handling, and treatment and disposal. The market is further segmented by application and type of service and is again divided by onshore and offshore. The onshore application market occupies the major share of the application segment and is expected to grow at a steady rate.

The Oil and Gas Supply Chain token is designed to be the medium of transaction within a smart contract between the oil and gas companies themselves and all the drill management and waste disposal service providers. OILSC token is supported by major companies and organizations with years of experience in providing full service drilling waste management, solids control and complete ‘backyard’ solutions to required post drilling environmental protection regulations worldwide. These companies and organizations are the base from which OILSC will be transacted.

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Water Droplet

Oil and Gas Supply Chain - Smart contracts for the H₂O sector

The average onshore oil well produces ten times the volume of water as oil, all day, and every day. In fact, the cost of dealing with this ‘produced water’ is the primary cost of operating an oil or gas well. Moving, treating and disposing of the water is half to two-thirds of the total cost of producing each barrel of oil.

While all energy production requires water as an input, the industry is a net generator of surface water. By tapping into prehistoric water that has been trapped for eons below impermeable rock, the production process generates water without depleting groundwater stocks—something no other industry does.

In California, USA, the production process produces 1,000 times more water than the energy industry uses. Most of this water goes right back down the well for enhanced oil recovery. But it doesn’t have to – it could be treated and reused on the surface. We are not the only ones to notice this. At the Global Water Summit in Abu Dhabi, the Executive Editor of The Economist, David Franklin, said that the world’s largest company in 2050 could be “ExxonHydro.”

Oil and Gas Supply Chain can implement smart contracts on its platform; an efficient water marketplace is going to lead to more recycling, more conservation, and more investments into water treatment technologies. Not limited to the energy sector, a marketplace model has the potential to improve sustainability for every major off-grid user including agriculture and industry. With an effective system in place, all kinds of water, not just freshwater, can be appropriately valued, traded, and put to its best use.

This will allow Oil and Gas Supply Chain great opportunities to scale into other industries.